Different Ways of Treating Gynecomastia

Accepting the fact that you have man’s boobs is really hard. It is bothersome and embarrassing making you lose your self-confidence and the ability to mingle and socialize with other people especially with women. Science has found a breakthrough to take care of these male breasts that have increased in size medically known as Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is caused by a lot of factors and the most common are obesity and hormonal imbalance between the levels of both sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone should be higher than estrogen. Here are ways to battle the frustrating and disturbing Gynecomastia:

The use Gynecomastia cream or serum: A perfect example is Gynexol which is a topical cream exclusively formulated by health experts to effectively reduce the size of swollen male breasts. It burns the adipose tissues in the chest area while it prevents the skin from wrinkling and sagging. It also diminishes the appearance of any blemishes, skin discoloration or the formation of stretch marks. Using Gynexol cream has its advantages.

  • It is readily available and can be bought on line or over the counter without any prescription.
  • It is easy to use. Just apply it to the affected area and massage gently to quickly absorb by the skin. There is no need for tools or any help in applying it – it’s that easy!
  • It is a non-invasive treatment like making some incisions in skin or putting something inside the body by means of sucking it out – that’s painful!

The use of male breast reduction pills: It is almost the same benefits as the Gynexol cream the only difference is it is taken orally. Take one in the morning and one in the evening prior to your meals along with an 8 ounce of drinking water. They may have different ingredients maybe because of the administration but they have the same goal which is to eliminate fat deposits in the chest area. Since it is taken orally it can target a wide range of fat accumulation all over the body boosting the metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Regular specific workouts for the chest: Exercises and running are not enough to burn calories and the fats in the chest. What you need is a total workout specifically for the chest. It should be a workout that involves resistance to tighten the chest muscles like the following.

  • Seated rowing. It targets the pectoral muscles making it firm resulting to the reduction in the size of man boobs.
  • Push-ups. When doing push-ups it is advisable to wear vest with weights for the resistance to effectively tighten the upper chest muscles and reduce its size at the same time.
  • Interval training. This training maybe short in duration but is considered a rigid exercise. This is done alternately between less intensified routine. Regular training will eliminate the fats not only in the chest area but throughout the body.
  • Incline press. This aids in preventing the chest to sag and lifts up the muscles. This is done by the use of a bar or weights like the dumbbells.

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